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WS ChildHere we have a creative, protective, natural style. The child’s parents wanted her hair in a style that would last 1 to 2 weeks. She had her hair shampooed, conditioned, blown dry, ends cut (which makes it easier for the client to handle at home) cornrowed and french braided into 2 braids. The Stylist used Influance It’s Natural Twist and Lock Gel while braiding to help the cornrows last. This intricate style will keep as long as the child is wearing a satin bonnet, a My Crowning Jewel or a 100% silk scarf to bed. This will protect it from the cotton pillow case from absorbing her moisture and messing up her hair style while sleeping.

She will also wear a shower cap in the shower or while taking a bath to keep it from getting wet and this will allow the style to have longevity. Spraying the hair with Influance Oil Sheen and Conditoning Spray a couple times per week, will assure that her hair is moisturized and conditioned. If these few things are done, I can assure that this style still will look just as good on day 14 as it did when it was first done.

WS Child CornrowsWS Child cornrows1This is one of our favorite little ladies and she sat still for this intricate style.  Each side is cornrowed towards the middle to create a mohawk style and the front was cornrowed towards the front to create bangs.  This style will last 2 weeks with the help of tying it up at night and wearing a shower cap in the shower or bath tub to not get it wet.  This client is definitely a princess, she is a pleasure to have visit our Salon.

WS Anor1WS AnorThis client needed options! She was tired of relaxers, tired of her hair swelling up when the weather was humid and when she exercised. Still wanting to wear her hair straightened as well as be able to wear natural styles. The client did not want to be committed to a chemical service. We recommended the “Great Hair Reconstructing System”. It is designed to strengthen, silken and repair your hair without any chemicals. See the shine! Options is what everyone wants!