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Consultations. What are they and why are they important?

Erinn Pearson from Simply Erinn’s discusses consultations—critical conversations that help gather information about your hair in order to provide the best professional advice and service.

An Important, Difficult Announcement…

Health is Wealth…

Come join us for a lively Community Conversation: Exploring Health Issues Affecting Black Women with Health Care Experts of Color. Please add your voice to our ongoing conversation on Black Women, Family and Community Health. Help us build a vibrant and dynamic health community. (Reserved for Black Women)

Erinn Pearson on The PowerPLAY Show

Podcast with Erinn Pearson

Erinn Pearson was recently featured on The PowerPLAY show discussing her success in business. Listen to the podcast!

Stylists learning the Avlon Texture Release System for Naturals

Tidbit of information for those who, love to wet their hair!

Help Simply Erinn’s Unisex Hair Salon win a Small Business Grant funded by FedEx

We here at Simply Erinn’s Unisex Hair Salon are up and at ’em again. This is FedEx fourth year to award small-business grants to help designers, craftsmen, butchers, and everything in between. But that’s not all — winners also become a part of a community of successful entrepreneurs, gain and share valuable insights from peers, and receive great exposure for their businesses.


Our small business could win one of these grants:

One (1) grand prize grant of $25,000

One (1) grant of $15,000

Eight (8) grants of $7,500


Winning the grand prize will allow us to open up another Simply Erinn’s Unisex Hair Salon and continue to do more work in the community!!! With your daily votes, sharing this information to others to vote as well… can get us to the Top 100 Finalists and then vote again and win!!!

Voting period:

May 17 – June 13, 2016


Top 100 finalists announced:

June 20, 2016


Winners announced:

July 11, 2016


Please also hashtag #fedexgrant #simplyerinns if possible if not don’t worry. Click “Vote now” to view the contest gallery and vote for your favorite business. Once again, your vote means more opportunity for us to make it to the Top 100 finalists. Vote once per 24-hour period. Please join us by voting, thank you in advance!

Be blessed to be a blessing to others! Thanks to Jamila Smith for sharing the information about this contest!!!



Simply Erinn’s Unisex Hair Salon wins Barbershop: The Next Cut… National Makeover Challenge 2016

Salon before pictures 2016 Makeover multiple pictures

Simply Erinn’s Unisex Hair Salon was chosen nationally, as the winner of a $20,000.00 salon makeover sponsored by Barbershop: The Next Cut. SEUHS first was competing in Massachusetts against 13 other local Barber shops and Unisex Hair Salons. Friends, family, clients and more voted daily for their favorite salon Simply Erinn’s to win in their state. After winning with the most votes by a landslide in Massachusetts, SEUHS was then entered into the national challenge, where they competed against 19 Barber Shops and Unisex Hair Salons Nationwide to win a $20,000.00 makeover.

Interior Designer Franck of Franck Hodelin & Company in New York is the man behind this masterpiece and design. Along with KOD  Restoration and Construction, LLC of Somerville, Mass. to execute Franck’s vision for the newly renovated SEUHS of Cambridge, Ma.

It took them all of 6 days to fully renovate the salon and on Friday, April 15, 2016 at 11am Warner Bros. revealed the new look. Clients, friends, family, neighbors, voters and on lookers came to see and celebrate SEUHS. Our very own Mayor E. Denise Simmons of Cambridge, Ma. presented Erinn with Citation from the City of Cambridge along with loving words and well wishes.

Erinn was also presented with another Citation from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Radio station 94.5FM did a live remote broadcasting from the salon. A “Cupcake Toast” was in order to celebrate their winnings! (Cupcakes made by MarTia’s Cakes, Boston, Ma.) When SEUHS wins, that means the community wins!

Thanks to Warner Bros., Franck, Dan, all who supported us with daily votes and continuous love, we appreciate you!


On May 5th, Mayor Denise Simmons and Eastern Bank sponsored an evening in celebration of National Small Business Week. Three Cambridge business owners received City Council Resolutions from the Mayor, in recognition of their resilience and community engagement

An illustration of the rooted connections between black women and hair through experiences in a neighborhood hair salon. Video recorded by Harvard students, Perry Reeves-Darby and Samantha Singal’s

Nominated as one of “Thrives Local Leaders Finalists” in October, 2015

This was definitely a surprise, this was a program I was part of in 2013-2014. The program was suggested to me after a conversation of being a small business owner and the different challenges we face. Tony Brooks, Owner of “Coast Cafe” in Cambridge shared his experience as being part of the Interise program. I was pumped up and ready to apply however it was a really intense, 6 month program. Who knew that in the end I would gain friendships with other small business owners, knowledge of how to work with my employees, assistance with leadership, a 3 year business plan, SMART Goals, my niche, homework and feeling a bit uncomfortable facing those business fears. However, with a knowledgeable Instructor, Bill Galatis and a wonderful Program Manager, Johnny Charles the program was worth my time.

There were times I definitely wanted to give up and not return because I was faced with the things I did not want to do but Mr. Charles said, “I know one thing, you are going to complete this program and graduate if it the last thing you do”! With my classmates, my Advisory Board and his assistance I was able to finish. I presented my 3 year business plan to our class chosen panel and received superb feedback. It was just like being on “Shark Tank” except that you received their expert opinion on your plan.

With Thrive, each year they honor small business owner who embodies their mission, of job creation and community revitalization. As well as individuals who help them get there. The Local Leader winner was George Koulouris of the Grecian Gyro in Georgia.

I was glad to be nominated!!!



Grateful to be honored at the Cambridge YWCA’s Tribute to Outstanding Women in 2015

This honor came as a great surprise! Who knew the things that you love to do were recognized as characteristics and actions of a person who is to be honored and recognized. To be chosen as one of the 8 women who were honored made me feel shy yet uncomfortable because this is simply, just me. But as long as I what I do can make someone look, feel good, help or inspire someone, I am going to continue to do it. I am grateful, thank you

Simply Erinn’s featured on Boston Natural’s Video Directory

Boston Natural’s Video Directory 2014

Simply Erinn’s Unisex Hair Salon is featured in the Boston Natural’s Video Directory. Feel free to click link above and watch the video. Thank you to Modjossorica Elysee for allowing us to be part of the “Back to Natural”, Boston Naturals World. We love you! Also, thank you to Maya, the Anchor and the Videographer for making me feel more than comfortable. xoxoxo

Special thank you to Ashley/Ace Creative !!!

Can’t thank you enough for the time, creativity, patience and your passion!!! You are an amazing person! You have taken what we discussed and turned it into a logo/brand and it was exactly what I imagined……When I saw it,  I felt like “yes, that is it!” I would of never been able to create what you saw and heard and you gave me options to choose from. Plus your feed back/guidance made it easier to choose.

You got it up on our windows, doors, website, on our business cards with the right color, with the right card stock, font and you are even helping us develop even more!!! More soon to come! Thank you for taking me on and hopefully it will be for the duration of Simply Erinn’s Unisex Hair Salon – Cambridge, MA because we ain’t done! You helped us represent who we are as Professionals and what we do… a classy way. I am happy with the representation you created, I feel proud when I see my windows, business cards and website. You made us shine and for that, I appreciate you! Thank you! Ashley Lazonick Harding #TEAMACECREATIVE!!!!

Co-Washing?! Should I, shouldn’t I? Why I shouldn’t!

Kinky/Curly/Wavy/Back to Natural and that no-no word…….Nappy Hair!

Here at SEUHS we cater to all textures and we are not afraid of the kinkiest, curliest, waviest, back to natural and that no-no word… nappiest hair. We love a challenge and also would love to teach you how to care for your or your child’s hair. Our one on one evaluation and consultation will help us to get to know you and how you are caring for your hair. Just having an open mind and receiving the information given to you will make it a bit easier to manage. Sometimes, we do make things, a bit harder than they are but with some gentle coaching we will get you on the right path.

We welcome the Do-it-yourselfers, YouTubers, Blog followers, product junkies, clients who makes their own product, clients who shop in the store for their products and at that, buy product that are not for their hair type but someone else’s. We want to help you, we want to make your haircare regimen as simple as possible. Some will have to take a bit more time and effort but it will all be worth it. Our goal is to assist you to get “your hair and scalp the healthiest, your hair and scalp can be”!

We will address any questions, concerns, products, myths and truths and we will help you sort them out. You may not need to do all you do, you may need to add something, take something out, get a wider tooth comb, see a Trichologist, see your Doctor, check the side effects of your medication, see if your iron is low, stop using your conditioner as a cleansing agent when it’s NOT, get a smaller tooth comb or… (the dreaded word to most but the most needed for healthy hair and essential for growth) a trim or a cut.

We provide a comfortable, safe place for you to talk about your concerns and not be judged type of environment. Things will change, if you work to change them. But kinky, curly, wavy, back to natural and that no-no word nappy hair takes some time and effort. It is necessary for clients to know that everyone’s growth cycle (pace) is different and everyone’s hair strands grows, rests and falls out. Also, check your families history of hair issues/concerns because some things are genetic. You can re-grow, slow down or contain a hair and/or scalp issue and it all depends on your Hair and Health Story.

Simply Erinn’s at the Community Health and Wellness Expo Sept. 27, 2014 at Bethel AME in Jamaica Plain

downloadfileSimply Erinn’s had been invited to speak at Bethel AME’s Community Health and Wellness Expo on Sat. Sept. 27, 2014. The topic of discussion was “Healthy hair while getting fit”, perfect subject for the client who wants to exercise but feels like they can’t…..

Stylists Amanda and Ranea Styled hair for Boston’s Fashion Week, “Kids Rip the Runway”!!!

Boston Fashion Week Pictures coming soon!!!

Simply Erinn’s Appears on Cityline Boston

Simply Erinn’s appeared on Cityline Boston. We were honored to be a part of this groundbreaking interview. Watch it here.

All About Ferm Permanent Wave System

Ferm Permanent Wave System works by loosening your natural curl pattern for more manageability. This is a professional only service so be sure to check with your Salon on the next visit.

Presentation on Hair Loss/Thinning by Dr. Yolanda Lenzy Board Certified Dermatologist & Hair Loss Expert

On behalf of the Simply Erinn’s Unisex Hair Salon – Cambridge, MA , you are cordially invited to attend a special, free presentation on hair loss/thinning by Dr. Yolanda Lenzy.

Following the free presentation, Dr. Yolanda Lenzy will also provide private 1-on-1 consultations on a first come first serve basis. The consultation is $50 (fifty dollars, a $150 value) per person, payable by cash or debit/credit card.

As you may already know, how passionate we are here at Simply Erinn’s about the health of each clients hair. We wanted to provide a Dermatologist here for you at the salon, where you can comfortably ask the questions you want about your hair loss/thinning. (find some solutions or slow down the process) I know many of you have a hard time finding a Dermatologist, getting an appointment to see one or even one that looks like you. Here is your chance to start working on your hair care concerns at/with Simply Erinn’s.

Dr. Yolanda Lenzy , a board certified Dermatologist specializing in medical, surgical, and cosmetic skin and hair care for adults and children. Her research and clinical practice focuses on hair and scalp disorders and skin disease in skin of color. Dr. Lenzy also practices a full range of medical dermatology, including a multidisciplinary approach to acne, eczema, skin cancer diagnosis and surgical treatment for benign and malignant growths.

I respect Dr. Lenzy’s passion for healthy hair, scalp and skin. I am thankful that she loves to educate Stylists and clients about their concerns and solutions. She will make you feel comfortable about asking the questions you have and is also great at making sure you understand her answers.

See you there, this is open to all. Please only bring children IF you plan on having them be seen by the Doctor.

Stay blessed,
Simply Erinn’s Team
*free parking and street parking

The Real Fixer

Repairing a client’s hair with the proper conditioning treatment (Proplex Reconstructor) and followed up with (Hydrating Conditioner) by Influance. Also, the real fixer……my shears to cut the damaged ends. She will be back in 6-8 weeks for a trim, you can see the benefit of the cut=HEALTHY!!! Awesome client!